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Today, Android programming involves programming platforms and operating systems that Google develops. However, the background of Android programming is Java, C, and C++ to develop tablets, mobile devices and assemble software modules for Android apps. However, if you have been assigned an Android programming assignment and are not sure how to complete it, we have the best-rated services to sort you out.  

Most Android programming assignments are designed to test the learner's programming capabilities related to the Androids. We can all agree that this is challenging for most scholars, especially if you do not have concrete ideas or skills to go about the task. Therefore, it is advisable to seek Android Programming Assignment Help in these situations as these grades contribute significantly to your final semester grades.  
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To See Through The Android Programming Course, You Have To Understand Its Core Concepts, As Expounded Below:
1. APK files and Apps: In Android, apps are packaged with APK files. These files are complied with Java code along with images and texts for the Android application. 
2. Fragments: In Android, the programming fragment is the user interface, and it only takes up part of the screen of mobile devices or tablets. So, fragments comprise of ViewGroups, and Views are inside them. 
3. Views and View Groups: The Android GUI contains three key elements, which include the ViewGroups, which are a collection of all views. Views: individual GUI elements, Activities are the windows or the screen. 
4. Activities: Activity is the GUI component which many corresponds to the window desktop application. Therefore, since mobile phones are typically small, activities take up the whole screen, and when you open many activities, they are stacked on top of each other on the screen. 
5. Intents: These small objects pass the activity to the operating system, telling it that some activity needs to be done. Therefore, intent tries to describe sharing action in opening a new activity in the same application, which is already from visible activity. 

Machine learning is a critical programming aspect hugely used in Android apps to enable them automatically learn and improve from experience without necessarily being programmed to do so. The machine learning technology enables the Android apps to utilize unstructured data like images and data or large parameter problems such as predicting a winning team in sports. 
Therefore, Android apps greatly utilize machine learning in designing products, using the existing ML models, and implementing inference algorithms. Therefore, for Android apps, machine learning development is used in the following areas. 
1. Machine Learning Design - Google designing Android apps through machine learning acts as a solution that requires developers, designers, and product managers to work together to define the design, goals, iterate, and build.
2. Build and Train a Model - Machine learning operates handy with Android apps. However, it needs a model that is defined to perform a particular specified task. This might include classifying, making predictions, or recognizing some input. One can customize a model that is already existing or build it from scratch, and it can only be done under cloud infrastructure or a development machine.  
3. Inference - This is the process of using a machine model which has been trained to use a specific task. Therefore, it is up to the decision of the Android app developer to inference the runs on the device or use the cloud service, which can be accessed remotely. 
4. Deployment - This is the process of packaging and updating the machine learning model on an Android on-device inference. This is by including the model of an Android app, providing a model at runtime, and combining both applications.  
Today, Android mobile phones applications have become inseparable aspects of our lives. Therefore, for any Android app developer, significant technologies must be considered for an app to operate under App Store or Play Store successfully. 
According to the survey, the most demanded technologies used in Android apps includes. 
       R programming
       React Native
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Geo Features on Apps
Graphics and Views
           Canvas Custom views 
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