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Assembly Language is popularly referred to as a low-level programming language. It’s normally programmable into a particular computer architecture and converted into executable code of a machine by an assembler which is a utility program known as MASM and NASM.  
In the current programming times we are today, Assembly Language critical when it comes to embedded systems. Based on designed algorithm its ideal in system speed optimization Assembly Language is applied in: 
1. Hardware Manipulation
Despite significant changes we are experiencing today in the field of programming till today, Assembly Language is being used to address the processor instructions or critical performance issues. 
2. Access to Customized Processor Instructions
This is in executing processor instructions for breakpoints in the special RTOS like failed Malloc, watch dog time outs, and interrupt routine services for CPU faults. For modern processors, Assembly Language code is used to execute an instruction which is completely appropriate.
3. Transitioning Application from Bootloader
Assembly code is used in transitioning of Bootloader application code through setting up the processor, validating memory and performing other function. Here the Bootloader jumps and gives a way main application through setting the initial condition like system stack.
4. Code Optimization in Control Loop
In most occasion Assembly code is necessitated in optimizing the code in a high frequency control loop. With the development of extra-high compilers and processors that use sophisticated environments Assembly code are of high importance here. 
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In Assembly Language registers are popularly acknowledged in storing data elements without necessarily accessing the internal memory of processor operations. However, number of registers are limited in processor chip as six registers only holds 16 bits registers in IA-32 architecture.
Types of Assembly Registers:
  1. Processor Registers- Processor registers are normally in IA-32 constituted in a six 16-bit and ten 32-bit. Further the processor registers are divided into segment, control and general registers. 
  2. Control Registers- These registers are combined in 32-bit flags register and 32-bit instruction pointers which constitute of direction flags, overflow flags, interrupt flag , zero flag and sign flag to mention a few.
  3. Segment Registers- These are the specific areas which are specified in a program which includes stack, code and data. The registers under segments are grouped under stack segment, data segment and code segment.

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ü  Cache memory
ü  Stack
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ü  Architecture
ü  Assembly Language features
ü A top-level view of computer function and interconnection
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ü  Data systems

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