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The core focus of the C++ introduction was to add the object orientation in the C programming language. This is through creating objects, in codes with certain methods and properties. With the purpose to see the whole world into objects, it makes C++ the most powerful object-oriented programming language we have in this era.
For C++ to be one of the best Object-oriented programming languages, it operates under key 7ptrinciples.
  1. Polymorphism - It’s the power to use operators in deciphering way or rather functions are given a different meaning. With poly implying many, its deducible here a function operating in many different ways.
  2. Encapsulation - It’s adding functions and data that work on data in the same place. This principle provides a model to add relevant functions and data together in the same object.
  3. Object - In the C++ programming language, this is the most basic unit that operates on data that is both on function and data.
  4. Class - It acts as the blueprint for data through defining what class name means and what operations can be performed by that object.
  5. Inheritance - It’s the reusability of the code. Inheritance involves forming a new class from the existing one known as the base class whereas the new class is referred to as derived calls.
  6. Overloading - Overloading is related to polymorphism and occurs when the exiting function or operator is enabled to operate on a new data type.
  7. Abstraction - Abstraction of data involves providing critical information to the outside world and hiding their background details.
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Undeniably, it’s evident that C++ is one of the most efficient programming languages.  As days progress it continues to dominate the world of programming profoundly. Being a versatile programming language, C++ offers the following advantages;
  • Object-oriented with classes, inheritance, encapsulation, data abstraction features for efficiency and reliability.
  • It’s a multi-paradigm language.
  • C++ has low-level manipulation of data at certain levels.
  • It gives the programmer total control over the memory management.
  • Offers the feature of independence or portability allowing the user to use the program in different interfaces.

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            Basic input/output
            Response on exceeding a valid range of data types
            Operators in C++
            Switch statement in C++
·       Containers
            Vector practice
            Pair practice

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Comprehending the specification of C++ algorithms is quite hard for many students. In this instance, often many students find themselves in a position where they can’t complete their tasks on time without external support. However, C++ specification algorithms act as finite instructions which when followed they perform a particular set of tasks. For specification of algorithms to operate rightfully, they must follow the following criteria;
1.     Input
2.     Output
3.     Definiteness
4.     Finiteness
5.     Effectiveness

Specification of an algorithm in C++ can be depicted in many ways: pseudocode, flow charts, and natural language.

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With the high growth of gaming C++ has become a predominant programming language. Opening various opportunities, most scholars are looking forward to pursuing it even to advanced levels. This has been brought about by the dominance of C++ in the development of IoT, manufacturing applications, and defense software. Therefore, if you are desirous to start programming with C++, you must set up a C or C++ compiler on your laptop or computer to run the code. Then, get a reliable and comprehensive platform for tutorials on C++ coding. With that, regularly examine if you are grasping its coding technicalities and try to solve the practice programming problems. 
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