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In the recent past, the term Cryptography has become a critical topic in every economic sector. It has become one of the most profound technologies in protecting information through code applications for the specified audience to read and process the codes easily. Therefore, Cryptography involves deriving communication and information techniques from algorithms and mathematical calculations in transforming messages in a hard way to be different.

Day in day out, we use Cryptography technology without our knowledge. This is through the digital signatures and authentication of public keys applications. Therefore, we need the Cryptography technology in;

1.   Securing send passwords for online purchases over wide networks for integrity
2.   Protecting all transmitted data in IoT connected world in authenticating devices to other devices or devices to people.
3.   When there is a need for non-repudiation of traceability of a transaction and digital legitimacy.
4.   Need to enhance the confidentiality of information from unauthorized third parties
5.   Authentication during initiation of other operations or communication through first identifying a user or an object.

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Cryptography is popularly classified into several ways based on the algorithms. It's organized into Hash functions, public-key Cryptography, and secret-key Cryptography. So, let's take a look deeply at these three classifications of Cryptography.
1.     Hash Functions
Hash functions don't use any key algorithms. However, with the hash functions, the value of has is fixed, determined or calculated on plain text, making it impossible to recover the content in plain text. Lately, whether it's online purchases or banking operations, they use hash functions to encrypt the passwords of confidential credentials from the intrusion of unauthorized persons.
2.     Secret Key Cryptography
It deploys the use of decryption and encryption. Therefore, the sender has to encrypt the plain text in this system, which is sent to the ciphertext and eventually to the sender. Therefore, here the key needs to be known both to the receiver and the sender.
3.     Public Key Cryptography
It depends on one-way functions, which are the mathematical functions easy to convert, while on the other side, it's difficult to compute the inverse function. Mainly this is enhanced through exponentiation versus logarithms and multiplication versus factorization.

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3. Implement the plan through a problem-solving strategy through the pseudocode now to write out the actual code.
4.  Once you are done, look back at what you have done carefully and try to reflect and figure out the significant areas you can improve.


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