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Data Science is an embodiment of machine learning, algorithms, and various statistical tools principles. Mainly they are used in discovering different patterns which have been used under raw data. Therefore, for any given assignment under data science, they specifically examined the concepts outlined below.
  • Outliners - Outliners under data science are primarily utilized in the instances where contaminated experimental data, bad data, or human error has been encountered while recording the data. Therefore, the outliners mainly help outline bad data or the malfunction detected in a system.
  • Data Visualization - Data visualization is the most examined aspect of data science as it deals with studying and analyzing the existing relationship between variables. For that reason, data visualization explores box plots, scatter plots, heat maps, bar plots, Histograms, and general graphs.
  • Imputation of Data - In statistics having missing data in a data set is quite normal. However, when data imputation is being examined the professor, tests the interpolation methodologies the scholar can use to throw away that data point. Therefore, to correctly do data imputation, one can use mean imputation to find the missing data point.
  • Data Scaling - Data scaling is trying to predict and improve a given data model. This is through standardizing the input-output of variables through standardizing and normalizing.
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis - For linear discriminant Analysis, one should find the subspace feature, which reduces the dimensionality and optimizes the class separability.
  • Principal Component Analysis - If one is dealing with large data sets, then it implies they have high chances of redundancy, especially if the features are closely related. To avoid these mistakes, extraction through principal component Analysis is the best methodology for correlated data since it's highly dimensional.
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For any correct data science solutions, you have to follow a stipulated process as stipulated below.
1. Problem Formulation: While doing problem formulation, machine learning knowledge is critical in solving the problems involving data. This is either through predictive or explanatory analysis, where one tries to predict the future of the data dealing with. Therefore, while handling any data science question, it's good to understand what you wish to get answered through the available data.
2. Data Cleaning: Once you develop the problem statement, you need to understand that data science is all about data cleaning. This is to ensure that data has been entered correctly without spelling mistakes or information problems.
3. Explanatory Data Analysis: Here, one needs to look at data types by distinguishing different variables and checking if they match what is supposed to be. Keenly looking at the variable interests and calculating medium, mean, and quartile to understand the data better.
4. Data Preparing and Processing: Data preparation and processing involve the coding of categorical variables. This is before it's ingested into the model and mostly done through Sklearn and MinMaxScaler() or StandardScaler().
5. Future Selection: Different data science problems utilize different variables or futures. For that reason, it's critical to make a prudent decision before deciding on the features to use in the model or the machine learning algorithms.
6. Model Development: You can use unsupervised or supervised algorithms depending on the data problems one is dealing with. However, be careful to avoid overfitting or undderfitting during model development.
7. HyperParameter Tuning and Cross Valuation: To make the model in the best manner possible then this is the most critical step. It's advisable to use GridSearchCV in simultaneously performing hyperparameter tuning and cross-validation while making the ML Models.
8. Model Evaluation: Model evaluation in deep measures is critical. To clarify the problems, it's important to cross-check the critical measurements, recall, precision, confusion matrix, F-score, and accuracy to clarify the problems.
9. Communication: The last crucial bit about data science problems is the communication of machine learning algorithms to the audience in the most understanding language available.


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Programming Tools:
  • Python
  • R
  • SQL
  • SAS
  • Hadoop
  • Apache
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Relational Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL Databases (Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB)
Data Visualization:
  • Tableau
  • R shiny
  • ggplot
  • Plotly
  • Matplotlib
Machine Learning Algorithms:
  • Classification Algorithms (Logistic Regression Algorithm, Decision Trees and Random Forests Algorithms, Support Vector Machines, Naïve Bayes Algorithm, k-Nearest Neighbours Algorithm)
  • Regression Algorithms (Linear Regression Algorithm, k-Nearest Neighbours Algorithm)
  • Clustering Algorithms (K Means Algorithm, Hierarchical clustering)
  • Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms (Principal Component Analysis)
  • Gradient Boosting Algorithms (XGBoost, GBM, Catboost)
  • Deep Learning & Neural Networks (CNN, RNN, GRU)
  • Natural Language Processing


A time, if it's your first time to deal with massive data, is challenging and confusing, especially if it's a project. However, working on data science is not as hard as it may seem; you need to grasp the critical steps you have to follow. The following is an exciting procedure of doing a data science project in this machine learning and big data era!
  1. Planning - For a successful data science project, it's far much beyond coding. One needs to understand the fundamental purpose of Data Science Analysis. So, this calls for understanding the situation, defining the problem, and translating the data science question based on the available data variables.
  2. Data Collection - Data collection is all about the data types and data sources you can decide to utilize. When collecting data, one can use Azure data factory or Talend as they are data integration tools.
  3. Building a Data Science Model - For an excellent data science model, one needs to understand the model, do data extraction, Data cleaning, explanatory data analysis. From there, one needs to do feature selection, incorporate machine learning algorithms, test models, and then model deployment.
  4. Evaluating Model - In data science, evaluating models can be carried in two ways that are cross and hold-out valuation. These two methods are primarily under to avoid undderfitting and overfitting in the Evaluation of the model performance.
  5. Explaining Model - The explaining model involves expounding the inner working of the data science model. This is under the basis of decomposability, simulability, and algorithmic transparency.
  6. Deploying Model - The concept of deploying a model revolves around making probable predictions of raw data. This is the scalability of the data and knowledge in implementing a versatile or repeatable data science process.
  7. Monitoring Model - The monitoring model, in broad terms, refers to the evaluation criteria inform of the explainability. Monitoring of data science model is based on fidelity, accuracy, comprehensibility, scalability, and generality.
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