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The database environment is a vast area of study with comprehensive concepts including types and components. We all understand that a database environment involves a group of records or data, and the environment is designed to manage these databases.

The Main Types Of The Database Include:

·       Network Databases - It involves an actual network structure involving a relationship between the entities of large digital computers, and it looks more like an interconnected network of records.
·       Hierarchical Databases - This model is stored relationship node of child-parent containing data and records of information about the child-parent relationship.
·       NoSQL Database - NoSQL usually does not have predefined schemas and don't utilize SQL as the primary access language. However, it's categorized into five units, including documents, graphs, key-value and object databases, making it the best candidate for today's technological developing environment on applications.
·       Document Database - Document database involves the storage of data into documents along with NoSQL properties. This makes it versatile in search and storage of documents.
·       Graph Database - These databases use graph structure for semantic queries in which the data is stored in properties, edges and nodes. The node is designed to represent entities, an edge connects to the nodes representing a relationship, and properties add additional information to the nodes.
·       ER Model Database  -This model is implemented as a database wherein each row shows entity type and each field representing the attribute type.
·       Object-Oriented Database - The object-oriented database looks into object-oriented programming functionality, which takes more of storage of programming language capabilities.
·       Relational Database- This database involves the relationship between data and the data stored in the tabular form of rows and columns. Therefore, each row should represent the record and column attribute.

Components of Database Environment

The database is made of components that perform significant tasks in the environment. So, the components which made the database environment includes:
o   Hardware
o   Software
o   Data
o   Procedures
o   Database Access Language
o   Run time manager
o   Query Processor

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