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Descriptive Statistics implies the process of data analysis that mainly involves data description and presentation. Descriptive Statistics help statistical analysts to visualize information in a more summarized way and they can easily spot things like patterns from the data.


  1. Measures of Central Tendency– These are ways of describing information in relation to its central position. Some of the methods used in this category include median, mode, and mean.
  2. Measures of Spread– These are ways of summarizing data by describing how spread out the parameters are. Methods used in this case include range, quartiles, standard deviation, and variance.
The methods outlined above mainly summarize data, but Descriptive Statistics is not just about summarizing. Visual data presentation is also key especially for multivariate analysis where there is more than one group of data to analyze. Some of the common methods used in this type of analysis include:

- Graphs and Scatter Plots
- Tables
- Conditional Distributions
- Quantitative Measures Of Dependence


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