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Our lives today are to some extent powered by electricity and at the core of that power are electrical engineers. These are the individuals who make sure electrical power is generated and distributed until it reaches the average consumers in households, institutions of learning, industries, etc. They also design consumer electrical circuits just to make sure the people consuming the power are not hurt by it.

There is much that goes into becoming an Electrical Engineer and students in this field are always subjected to extreme academic tests which include loads of tough assignments and examinations. Some of the topics you study in Electrical Engineering are practically impossible to master in one semester and thus when examinations and assignments come knocking, students, find themselves blanking out, not knowing what to write.

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  • Physical laws
  • Electromagnetism
  • Control engineering
  • Signal Processing
  • Electronics
  • Power engineering
  • Mathematics for electrical engineers
  • Physics for Electrical Engineers
  • Telecommunications engineering

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