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We can all agree that Excel Assignment Help is a service that is sought by thousands of scholars across the globe. However, if you mention the word Excel to either undergraduate or master's students, most of them will fear it due to an awful experience with its mathematical computations. According to our Excel experts, Excel is statistical software that enhances learning editing, navigation ribbon, data manipulation, and cell editing, which every student must pursue if pursuing statistics as a major. In most instances, the Excel assignments examine on computational, practical, and analytical skills of students. However, 8 out of 10 students find this challenging, thus ending up going for the best Excel assignment help service providers in the market. 

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Are you new to Excel concepts, and what are the essential basic concepts to be keen on? Fundamental concepts about Excel are critical for learning fundamentals, and they act as steppingstones to understanding extensive functionality about Excel. Below mentioned are basic concepts about Excel. 
  • Workbook: Every Excel has three worksheets: basic documents about Excel, and on most occasions, it is saved based on your disc name. 
  • Format: The format is how the data appears according to the presentation is a range of cells or cells. The format can either be italic, bold, or in terms of the text alignment
  • Range: These are the group of cells in several formats like C1:H9, which is several rows and columns—for cells in one column, supposed to be B4 and cells in one line A2. 
  • Active Cell: This is the cell that, when touched with the mouse, is surrounded by a frame
  • Worksheet: This one is the part of the worksheet located at the intersection of row and column. 
  • Cell: A cell is the intersection of a row and column in a worksheet. 
  • Address of the Cell: This cell comprises row and column names, like A3, which addresses the cell at the intersection of A and 3. Each address cell has its unique address within the same worksheet. 
Excel has become an important program adequately used by data analysts, accountants, and Human Resource Officers in the real corporate world. Therefore, the areas mentioned below are essential for Excel.

Ø  Opening and Closing a Workbook - Opening and closing an Excel is just like opening and closing any other program. To save your work, you need to click Save in the dialog box then select where you want your document on the computer. 
Ø  Worksheet Management - Once you open the Excel program, you can choose to add a new worksheet by analyzing your data. For very Excel in the window, there are tabs at the bottom that you can rename based on the data you are dealing with.  
Ø  Cell Formatting - Excel has a formatting tab where the font group allows font style, size, and color where it can be in italic bold or underline. For alignment group Excel, the user can adequately merged cells, add indents and align texts. 
Ø  Charts - One of the best ways to present data in Excel is through charts. Therefore, understanding how to use the charts features in Excel is critical, which are suited for your data and selecting the best match charts. 
Ø  Data Sorting - Understanding how to sort data is critical where one is required to touch the data tab. The next step is the sort button, but Excel has 4 different options for sorting data. For customized sorting, one can use font color, cell color, conditional formatting, or cell value. 


  • Creation of pivot tables in Excel 
  • Entering basic calculations and formulas in Excel 
  • Sum up functions is adding columns and rows of cells in Excel
  • Proficient use of absolute and relative references in Excel
  • Correct rounding up of numbers in Excel  
  • Scaling of Excel spreadsheet to fit in one page when it's a requirement 
  • Locking or freezing rows and columns in an Excel worksheet 
  • Using MATCH and INDEX formulas in pulling data for horizontal columns 
  • Adding drop up Menus 
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With over 200 Excel experts specializing in Excel Spreadsheet assignments on our platform, placing an order with our Excel Assignment Help is a sure way to submit unmatched solutions. With our in-house team consisting of professors, Excel professionals, and Masters Statistics graduates, we can adequately help you in: 
  • Filling Data
  • Editing A Workbook
  • Ranges Selection 
  • New Workbook Creation 
  • Formulas And Functions 
  • Number Formatting 
  • Border Applications 
  • Audit Formulas And Troubleshoot 
  • Cleaning And Importing Data 
  • Creation Of Pivot Charts And Pivot Tables 
  • Troubleshooting Errors 
  • Prebuilt Conditional Formatting And Custom Application 
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Excel is one widely used statistical program in different fields; most institutions have made it compulsory. However, developing the analytical capabilities to use Excel adequately has become one of the significant challenges for many students. Most scholars have been opting for the best Excel Assignment Help Services from different service providers to solve this problem. 
Therefore, the problem faced by students with Microsoft Excel are; 
  • Group Assignments involving Excel Linked Workbooks, thus the creation of multi-user editing problems. 
  • Wrong data computation through errors creep into data in a computer system 
  • Scalability problems when dealing with vast amounts of data or assignment purposes 
  • Assignments overwhelming owing to assignments from other subjects 
  • Low subject knowledge and skills to handle Excel assignments 
  • Procrastination to handle the assignment later only to find the examined concepts are complex to finish within the remaining time frame. 
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According to our Excel Experts report, it's evident that Excel is a crucial program in analyzing, managing, and manipulating data. In most instances, Excel is used to enhance the decision-making process and ensure efficiency exceptionally. Below outlines are advantages of Excel: 

  1. One can adequately carry out calculations adequately and create your formulas through combining one or two functions. 
  2. Excel can adequately store data and offer easy accessibility to other parties. 
  3. Quick data visualization through the use of charts where to create charts with a single click 
  4. Excel as free templates on the dashboard, which can adequately guide maybe if you are working on Excel inventory and many more. 
  5. With Excel, one can easily code to automate through Visual Basic for Application (VBA) any other code for activities conducted manually in Excel. 


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  • Linear Regression: In Excel, Linear Regression is used in plotting graphs attempting to show the relationship between independent and dependent variables. Therefore, if you are stuck with an assignment testing on linear regression, we can significantly help draw graphs trying to show the dispersion and strengths of the relationship results.  
  • Linear Programming (Solver): Many students take Linear programming through Excel as a mammoth of a task to complete by themselves. Under linear programming, one is needed to obtain the most optimal solution for a problem with given constraints. However, if this is too hard to handle, our Help With The Excel Assignment is a profound relief. 
  • Descriptive Statistics: Waste no more time handling your descriptive statistics assignment, yet you don't have enough knowledge to finish it. Take our Professional Help With Excel Assignment today and relieve yourself from scoring low grades. 
  • I look, Hlookup: If you wish your data to be done using VLook and HLookup functionality, we can be of great help. We can help you in (lookup_Vlue, table_array, Col_index_num, range_lookup). 
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