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MATLAB is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment mainly used by scientists, engineers, and researchers for scientific and mathematical computations. It has also proved to be a useful tool for engineers and system designers when it comes to designing and simulating technological systems before implementation.

MATLAB is also a high-level programming language used for various tasks of computing. MATLAB has been used in the creation of User interfaces and interfacing with programs written in other programming languages. Cloud computing is also another field where MATLAB is applied. Some of the most popular cloud services like AWS and Azure have integrated MATLAB into their platforms. MATLAB can also be used to drive cloud containerization service and Docker is a good example of this.

Database management is another field where MATLAB is used in computers. Through the Database Toolbox, MATLAB provides a wide range of functions that users can leverage to create and manipulate database files. It works with a wide range of both relational and non-relational databases.

With over 3 million users recorded as of 2018, the popularity of MATLAB in the 21 st century continues to grow and thus the need for more MATLAB expertise in the industry. However, the language always comes bundled with its share of technicalities which proves to be a great challenge for most students undertaking the MATLAB course. At Assignment Online Help, we understand the challenges students face with MATLAB and that’s why we offer one of the best MATLAB homework help services.


When it comes to computing with MATLAB, the topics you may encounter are highly dependent on which field of computing you major in. Some of the common topics and fields include

  • The MATLAB Environment
  • Using Numeric And Character-Based Data
  • The MATLAB Programming Language
  • Data Analysis And Visualization Using MATLAB
  • Data Saving And Loading In MATLAB
  • Cloud Computing In MATLAB
  • Database Management With MATLAB
  • Fundamentals Of Computer Programming With MATLAB
  • Parallel Computing In MATLAB


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