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In the current technological era, Operating Systems are the backbone for most of most devices. In broad terms, Operating System is the software that enhances the management of computer hardware or software enhancing the service for programs in that device. Therefore, the Operating System is modeled to ensure that all programs can adequately utilize system memory, input devices, computer hardware, and CPU. The computer's Operating System determines if the computer software is going to have a fast, safe, and clean interface to carry out their activities on the computer adequately.

According to a survey carried out by Operating System Experts, this interface can be used across all devices, having Google android as the most common. It's factual that 60% of computers worldwide use windows 7 utilizing the Operating System interface, where only 2.9% of all computers across the world run under windows 8.

Today, the most common Operating Systems utilized by a large percentage across the world include Microsoft Windows, ApplemacOS, Linux Operating System, AppleiOS, and android. Microsoft Windows is primarily found in laptops and computers; Linux has termed an open-source Operating System that Users can only modify.

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According to our experts' research, there are different types of Operating Systems. These types enhance the memory, processes, and managing files in enabling the device and user interface. Therefore, below are types of Operating Systems that are widely used across the world.
1. Batch Operating System: Batch Operating Systems normally don't interact with the computer directly. Instead, it has a special type of operator that takes those tasks with the same requirement and group them into batches.
2. Time-Sharing Operating Systems: With a time-sharing Operating System, it does every task some surmountable time to execute all the tasks smoothly. Therefore, each user gets the time to CPU as they use a single system.
3. Distributed Operating System: Distributed Operating Systems have come into development during the technological computers period. It operates under different autonomous, connected computers, which communicates to each other through a communication network.
4. Real-Time Operating System: A real-time Operating System uses time interval, which is required to respond and process inputs, and this time is popularly known as response time. Real-time Operating Systems are further developed into soft and hard real-time Operating Systems.
5. Network Operating Systems: Network Operating System operates under the principle to provide capability and run on a server in managing groups, security, applications, data and other networking systems.


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Ø  Authentication, Data Security and Integrity
Ø  Virtualization
Ø  Scalability; Lock-Free Data Structures
Ø  Operating System Architecture
Ø  Concurrent Execution
Ø  Memory Management Using Memory Allocations And Virtual Memory
Ø  The Experience and History Of Systems Programming

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· File Manipulation in the operating system through facilitating reading and writing a document into directories.
· Operations of input and output in the operating system
· Accounting and statistics accumulation of the operating system programs
· Development of user interface like graphical, batch and command-line interfaces
· Error detection in input-output devices, and CPU


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