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Popularly referred to as scripting language PHP has greatly developed during the technological era we are at the moment highly utilized in server–side scripting. PHP has vastly enhanced the command-line interface which is capable to develop the graphical interface (GUI) client-side applications.

PHP Is Highly Applied In:

1.     Webpage Content Management Systems
The PHP language has the capability of supporting large number of databases including Oracle, MS Access, and MySQL. This is through interaction between other services which involves HTTP, SNMP, LDAP and IMAP.  In most cases PHP is widely used in web content Management which involves the plugins, word press, Drupal and the user-facing Facebook portion.
2.     Web-page Applications
For any web-page application to operate on the right way it requires high level of customization for unmatched user interface. This is for the enhancement fast online transactions and integrations of database systems. With this PHP offers reliable system through the three tired architecture which includes server, database management and browser.
3.     Applications of Ecommerce
With the unprecedented technological growth we are experiencing most businesses online or large they have shifted their operations into online. Most of shopping is being done online as it has become an indispensable requirement calling for PHP programming intervention to use framework of CakePHP.
4.     Gui-Based Applications
While PHP is renowned to be a scripting language it’s highly deployed in creation of Gui-applications. This is through ZZEE PHP GUI which enables PHP scripting enhancing compilations of .exe to run standalone.
5.     Graphic Design and Image Processing
Php is also renowned in manipulating images. This is through integration of several images into GD library through image processing libraries. PHP allows the images to rotate, resizing, cropping and creation of thumbnails images.

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If you are desirous of developing high quality PHP solutions, you need to have a deep grasp on the following concepts.
·       Methods, Properties, Objects And Classes
Understanding the object-oriented programming in PHP is critical in understanding how to conduct efficient and procedural style of this programming. Here you are required to understand how to create efficient PHP systems through support of proper code organization in small and simple objects. 
·        How To Use $ This Keyword
Understanding how and where to use $ this keyword is crucial when it comes to development of PHP applications. This can only be implemented if you grasp better on how use this class methods and properties from within the class with $ keyword.
·       Methods and Properties Chaining
Understand how to use class properties and methods in creating of streaming code
·       Magic Constraints and  Methods
Understand how to develop or rather using the constructor methodology without risking to error and how to use magic constraints.
·       PHP Inheritance
Here you need to understand how to reduce code duplication through inheritance which is one of the most crucial concepts in the object-oriented programming.
·       Interface
This concept looks at the next level of abstraction where you have to learn how to commit the classes to abstract methods and how to be implemented.

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·       Basic features of PHP Programming
·       Creating of MySQL database
·       Creation of dynamic homepage using Php
·       Displaying of database content dynamically
·       Technicalities of allowing visitors to enter data
·       Developing versatile search engine
·       Developing attracting friendly pages
·       User access Control
·       Implementing paging

If you are a beginner learning PHP it’s hard to recognize simple mistakes while you are developing user interface and it takes time to develop a program. However, according to the survey of our PHP experts, scholars are fond of committing the following mistakes while attending PHP tasks.
·  Failing to provide meaning names for the coding things
·  Developing programs which don’t have meaningful and concise comments
·   Doing shallow research which is not enough for coding a PHP program
·  Too much comparing of codes with peers which raises the chances of self-doubts
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