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Being one of the most renowned programming languages, Python has brought many developers to the table. Some of the acknowledged features for Python are:
·  Easy to Code - Python is well known for being user-friendly and easy to understand its language instructions. This is contrary to other programming languages like Java, assembly, C, and C++, which take time to understand its basic instructions.
·   Free and an Open Source Language - Java being a free and open-source language implies that someone with basic knowledge about its instructions can adequately contribute to its development. Python has established a platform where it has converged thousands of python coders, making it convenient to download it free online and use it in any operating system, whether Linux, android, or windows.
·  It's a High-Level Programming Language - Python is one of the high-level programming languages, whereas a beginner doesn't need to be adept with architecture, coding structure, and memory management.
· It's Greatly Portable - With Python, you can easily shift it from one operating system to the other one without the fear of losing the codes. However, this is only possible with Python and no other programming languages making this language highly portable.


Since Python has been adopted by many people owing to its simplicity, its applications have been diversified in a different fields. This culminates in software and website development, data analysis, to task automation. However, Python is highly utilized in:
ü  Machine learning and machine analysis for data analysis in creating data visualizations, data analysis, and development of learning algorithms.
ü  Website and software development to enhance data processing to and from the servers
ü  Scripting or tasks automation in checking errors in multiple files and remove any data duplicity.
ü  Software prototyping and testing where Python greatly helps in bug tracking, build control, and texting.


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·   Python time and date

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Python is one of the most known programming languages used by software developers and data scientists. It is adequately utilized because of its versatility in streamlining the processes, providing intelligence insights, predicting outcomes, and automating tasks. However, to make these tasks easier, Python utilizes open source libraries, mainly as mentioned below.
1.   Data Mining - Numpy, Pandas, Scipy
2.   Graphics- Turtle
3.   GUI Building-Tkinker
4.   Deep Learning, Neural Networks- Tensorflow
5.   Data Science, Statistics, Model Building, Machine Learning- Scikit-Learn, Sklearn
6.   Visualizations- Matplotlib
7.   Database Applications- Sqlite3
8.   Web Applications, Web Scraping- Bottle, Flask, Request, Beautifulsoup
9.   Graphics- Pyqt4, Pyqt5
10.   Natural Language Processing Toolkit- Networkx Nltk


Python being one of the most renowned programming languages in this era, it's most utilized by large end-users base owing to its simple syntax language. Like any other programming language, Python is run by the four common basics mentioned below.
1.   Loops. In Python, loops are commonly used through an iterable object through different entries like set, tuple, and list, and each loop performs every entry.
2.   Statements. Statements refer to the instructions an interpreter can execute on a command line.
3.   Comments. This is the line of the text which a program cannot interpret. They are mainly used in identifying issues and explaining codes during debugging.
4.   Functions. In Python, this is a block code that runs only when called through returning a value to the return statement.


Advanced Python specializes in advanced concepts to understand the in-depth aspects of Python. Mostly advanced python deals with:
·   Cython intervals
·   Speech recognition by Python
·   Building of a blog using GraphQL, Django, and Vue
·   Text classification with Keras and Python
·   Managing multiple python versions with pyenv
·   Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm with Python and Numpy
·   Building HTTP API's with Django REST Framework


Machine learning is a vast programming concept that extends to algorithms that involve a combination of logic and maths to enhance the performance of different data progressively. Mainly MI algorithms in Python are subdivided into; reinforcement learning, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning. However, the commonly used MI algorithms in Python includes;
·   Decision tree
·   Linear Regression
·   Support Vector machines
·   Naïve Bayes
·   Logistics regression

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You may think Python is not a developed programming language compared to Java and other popular programming languages. However, Python is the most widely utilized programming language not only used in software and web development. Python is also utilized in design, machine learning, and data analytics.

If we take a closer look into the application of Python, we will note that it's greatly applied in:

·   Embedded applications
·   Web Scraping
·   Deep learning
·   Data visualization
·   Mobile games
·   App Development
·   Machine learning and AI
·   GUI applications
·   Data Science and statistics

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