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Simulink is a graphical programming environment developed by MathWorks. It enables system designers to graphically design systems and simulate before they can start building actual prototypes. It also can automatically generate computer code from simulations which can then be embedded in processors.

There are so many advantages of this kind of process, and one is that it can help save product designers from incurring huge losses that may arise in the creation of non-optimal, expensive prototypes. The simulation environment Simulink offers will help the designer know the exact state in which each component should operate to achieve optimal performance. This can then be easily translated into an efficiently functioning product without mistakes.

Being closely related to MATLAB, Simulink also allows designers to incorporate pre-written MATLAB algorithm to drive their simulations, run multiple tests, and analyze the outputs in MATLAB. Users can also easily generate C, C++, or HDL code that behave the same way as the model created in Simulink.


  • Wireless communications
  • Signal Processing
  • Power Electronics design
  • Robotics
  • Image Processing
  • Digital Twins
  • Control Systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Advanced Plotting and Model Building


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